How do the online sessions work?

Getting started can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be at all! Online sessions are delivered through zoom, which is free for you to download onto your computer, iPad or mobile phone. You receive a link so you can attend the classes live. If you can't attend live, all classes are recorded and shared via the secure membership site attached to this website for you to complete at a time convenient, where you have life time access as long as your membership remains active.  

If you are new to online, see below to book a 121 session so I can help you with equipment, positions & clothing; or answer any questions you may have. 

Make sure to position your computer so you can easily see and hear ... or you could connect to your TV! Access to classes 

Online Timetable 

  • Monday 6.30 pm 'Start the week with health habits' Pilates
  • Tuesday 10.30 am 'Tutorial
  • Tuesday 11.00 am 'Power Pilates' followed by 'Cool Down'
  • Wednesday: 10.00 am  'Back to Basics' - not just for new starters but a great way to slow down & reconnect with your body
  • Thursday 4.15 pm 'Short of Time' - a quick session lasting between 10 & 20 minutes 


This is me in April 2020, at the beginning of Covid. In May 2000, I broke my leg in a serious fall from my horse. They did not think I'd be able to walk again without walking sticks, let alone ride again. I achieved both, was recommended to do Pilates. Here I am teaching it. I was happy with my movement here. The Covid took my business online. This meant I did more full classes myself. 

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This is a recent picture of me, taken from one of my classes. I'm delighted with the extra movement I have achieved, all thanks to regular sessions. Plus, I now have a gorgeous new studio at home, in a tranquil setting in the paddock, surrounded by trees. You too can improve your movement.

Little and often is the key!  

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  • Blue House Pilates

    “Thought I'd let you know the Pilates is working really well for me. The saddle fitter came today & she'd noted the pastime I was occasionally being pushed right but today she said I was completely central. I've also noticed the trapped nerve I always get in my neck from sitting at my desk is gone and I feel that my posture has improved so overall really happy with the results so far. Thank you”