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Improve your body awareness on and off the horse

1 x 90 minute initial in-person movement consultation

6* x 45 minute movement in-person coaching sessions

*Option for one of your six coaching sessions as ridden lesson

Introductory offer £295 


ONLY 5 spaces available

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Session 1 ... 

Set those goals during your initial in-person movement consultation. Test to ensure you go home with bespoke exercises for you to do daily with back up support via message or phone call. 

Sessions 2-6*

Progress using different movement techniques including the Pilates Reformer to improve your connection and feel through your body. Go home with bespoke exercises for you to do daily with back up support via message or phone call. *Option to have one mounted session instead of studio only. Stable available, if you'd like to stay over, at no extra cost. 

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As a Testt® certified coach, Franklin Method Equestrian Trainer and Advanced Equipilates™ Biomechanics coach, Claire uses different methods to improve your feel and connection. Sending you home with off horse homework. Stable available to use, if needed at no additional cost or can take place in your yard. 

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Blue House Pilates

“I recommend Claire's sessions to everyone, I'm absolutely chuffed with the difference I've felt in me both on and off the horse. I love that the Franklin method is all about using images, it's something I can really relate to, it's making a huge difference and Claire has a great easy to follow way of teaching”

Blue House Pilates

“The saddle fitter came today and she'd noted the last time I was occasionally being pushed right but today she said I was completely central. I've also noticed the trapped nerve I always get in my neck from sitting at my desk is gone and I feel that my posture has improved so overall really happy with the results so far. Thank you!”