Reformer & Ride

Work on yourself off horse

to improve on horse!

Is this you? 

When riding, do you need to keep the inside leg on to stop him falling in onto a smaller circle. Does this cause your inside leg to draw up? Then your heel lifts and as your leg gets tired you hear your coach say  "keep your heel down ... he's falling in, push him out ... come on, MORE LEG! But you can't do it anymore, so your body braces to help your leg, and you start leaning out or crossing your inside rein over the withers ... then you see your face is beetroot red, all because you forgot to breathe! 

Or does your riding coach keep repeating any of the following?

  • sit up
  • pull your shoulders back
  • stop pulling 
  • keep your legs still
  • stop looking down 

Then these sessions are for you

Available 121 or  a Duet to share with a friend

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How do the Reformer & Ride sessions work?

Begin in the studio working on yourself. Bespoke exercises will improve body control, movement and timing without worrying about controlling your horse at the same time. Our body is incredibly intelligent being able to avoid some movements but still get the job done. Improving one joint action can change how our horses react to us. At the end of the day, a horse can feel a fly landing on them, so they can definitely feel us! 

Then ride your horse, noticing how being able to organise yourself helps you and your horse communicate effectively. Enjoy riding with reduced pain, straighter, and in a secure balance. While mounted work on your own goal. Here's a few suggestions that others have found useful.  

  • Improving straightness and bend for flat work or jumping
  • Maintain elasticity through the arms for a consistent contact
  • Feel confident in sitting trot
  • Test riding, the whole test or specific movements 
  • Be able to leg yield, travers or half-pass both ways
  • Now you are secure and balanced, challenge your horse with their own gymnastic session using poles to enhance their way of going. 

Take home bespoke exercises to achieve those step by step goals as you strive to "be the rider your horse would choose"

For optimal results, I recommend these sessions are done on the same day. However, you can still benefit if they are done on consecutive days. 

A 121 session, allows you time to absorb and embody the changes. They are also perfect to address issues that you have with your coach. Homework includes two or three exercises, easily added to your busy schedules. 

Maybe you would prefer to enjoy these sessions with a friend. I have two reformers and a chair in the studio. Learn together while having fun and accountable!

Sharing allows you  time to take on board the changes or simply take a break. Often watching another rider helps you understand your goals more clearly for those lightbulb moments!

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below, please message and I will answer as best I can!

I'm not very fit! Will I be able to exercise & ride?

Absolutely! These sessions are bespoke so done at a level that suits YOU! Others have booked so they have a break between studio and ride sessions. Plus, this is exactly where a shared session with a friend may suit you perfectly! 

Is this for advanced riders, I'm only riding at Prelim?

These sessions will help everyone, whether you are new to riding or experienced. Each session begins by setting YOUR goal, then both the studio session and the ridden session helps you achieve this. Homework exercises keep you focused. 

I'm recovering from an injury. When will I be able to do these sessions?

Firstly you will need to be cleared to exercise by your physiotherapist. Once good to go, these sessions are perfect. Pilates in the studio works your whole body, helping you return to full fitness so you can move and ride well. I'm a walking example that this form of exercise is great following injury.  

My horse won't stand on the lorry!

I have access to a day stable, if needed or would your horse enjoy the company of a friend by taking advantage of sharing?  Otherwise, if you don't live far away, enjoy your studio session then come back with your horse later in the day.  

  • Blue House Pilates

    “I'm so excited, I got my first ever 8. it was for my centre line. I was sitting straighter and my horse couldn't push me to the left to then fall to the left!”

  • Blue House Pilates

    “I enjoyed a reformer and ride session - won the next day too, bonus!”


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